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Salvador de Jesús Arévalo Martínez

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Salvador de Jesús Arévalo Martínez   “I often feel like he is just outside, and that soon he will return”   ... Read more >

Sandor Manuel Pineda Dolmus

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Sandor Manuel Pineda Dolmus “The altar boy who wanted to be a preacher”   Murdered in León on June 14, 2018 Sandor Manuel Pineda Dolmus was a León Cathedral altar boy and the only son of Ivania del Socorro Dolmus. He was 15 and studying in the fourth year at the Corazón d... Read more >

Teyler Leonardo Lorío Navarrete

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Teyler Leonardo Lorío Navarrete “We will love you forever, my boy”   Murdered on June 23, 2018, in Managua Teyler Leonardo was a child who was very much wanted. His parents are a young, hardworking couple who struggled for five years to have their boy. ... Read more >

Vicente Rappaccioli Navas

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Vicente Rappaccioli Navas “Nicaragua belongs to us all”   Murdered in San Marcos on June 26, 2018 Vicente Rappaccioli Navas was a peaceful, likable, quiet person.  He spoke little but looked out for everyone around him. Emilia Yang Rappaccioli, his niece, explains that Vicente had a farm in Costa Rica where he used to plant trees to produc... Read more >

Victor Reynaldo Reyes Pérez

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Víctor Reynaldo Reyes Pérez “What they did to him was tragic and unjust.”   Murdered on June 12, 2018, in León Víctor Reynaldo Reyes Pérez was 28 years old. He was from León and always lived in the Antenor Sandino Hernández barrio, in the southeastern part of the city. ... Read more >

Wendell Francisco Rivera Narváez

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Wendell Francisco Rivera Narváez  “They will never take away our memory of him” Murdered in Managua on June 22nd, 2018 On the night of June 22, 2018, 17-year-old Wendell Francisco Rivera Narváez was murdered with a shot to the head in the Santa Elena neighborhood in Managua, next to the Agrarian University. He was returning home after playing soccer with... Read more >

Wilber Antonio Jarquín Rostrán

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Wilber Antonio Jarquín Rostrán “I need to know who shot him and why”   Murdered in León on June 29, 2018 Wilber Antonio Jarquín Rostrán was 25 years old, one of six children, and earned his living in León driving a tricycle-taxi rigged with a double seat in back.  His mother, Isabel Cristina Rostrán López, says her son also had a cart h... Read more >

Yalmar Antonio Zeledón Olivas

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Yalmar Antonio Zeledón Olivas “He gave his life to his father, he followed him everywhere”   Murdered in Honduras, June 27, 2019 Yalmar Antonio Zeledón was born in Yalí, Jinotega. He was married to Mayra Villagra, from El Cuá. They lived together with their four children until January 2019, when he left to seek refuge in Honduras. He worked as a driver and me... Read more >