Yalmar Antonio Zeledón Olivas

31 Years Old - Driver and merchant

Yalmar Antonio Zeledón Olivas

“He gave his life to his father, he followed him everywhere”


Murdered in Honduras, June 27, 2019

Yalmar Antonio Zeledón was born in Yalí, Jinotega. He was married to Mayra Villagra, from El Cuá. They lived together with their four children until January 2019, when he left to seek refuge in Honduras. He worked as a driver and merchant, drove the family truck, managed the retail distribution of his mother’s products and helped his father working on the farm.

Although he had the last name Zeledón, from his biological father, his true father, the one who raised him from the time he was two years old and loved him as his own son, was Edgard Montenegro Centeno, who married his mother Cándida Olivas Rivera.

His mother notes that from the time he met her son Yalmar, Edgard took care of him, loved him, and a great love grew between son and father. This became even stronger over time.



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