Maycol Cipriano González Hernández

On May 30, 2018, Maycol Cipriano González Hernández was participating in the Mothers’ March and had reached the vicinity of the UNI university. Citing eyewitnesses, relatives report that sharpshooters positioned on the roof of the Denis Martinez stadium fired at the demonstrators. Maycol was shot in the stomach. Although he reached the hospital alive, he died around 7:00 pm that night. According to the medical report, the bullet was compatible with an AK 47 assault rifle and produced a diaphragmatic lung injury and internal hemorrhagic shock.

“Memoria es que se recuerde todo lo que pasó. Lo que ellos fueron. Para que los que vienen creciendo sepan lo que ocurrió y que no se repita lo que está pasando hoy”.