Alejandro Carlos Ochoa Acuña

What was called “Operation Clean-up” began at around 5 o’clock in the morning in Jinotepe.  Armed and hooded paramilitaries wearing grey t-shirts and jeans entered the city together with police officers from the four cardinal points of the municipality.  They used military weapons in the attack: AK47 and M-16 automatic assault rifles and Dragunovs (for snipers), PG-7 rocket launchers and PKM machine guns.  The roadblocks and barricades were removed with the help of backhoes and trucks from the mayor’s office, which cleaned away the rubble.  During the attack, Internet, telephone, electricity and water services were suspended throughout the city.

Witnesses related that Alejandro Carlos was intercepted by paramilitaries at about 10 am, less than 50 yards from the main entrance of Jinotega’s Santiago Regional Hospital.  They shot him first in a leg and then in the abdomen, his left arm and his head.



Testigos relataron que Alejandro Carlos fue interceptado por paramilitares sobre las 10 de la mañana, a unas 50 varas de la entrada central del Hospital Regional Santiago, de Jinotepe. Le dispararon primero en una pierna y posteriormente en el abdomen, en el brazo izquierdo y en la cabeza.

“Les cocinó a los muchachos en los tranques”

Griselda Acuña (mamá)